About me...

My name is Isabel, I was born and raised in Mexico City until the age of 21. In 2001 I came to the United States to study English, and along the way I met Daniel, my husband. I went back to Mexico to finish my degree in advertising, and after all was set and done we got married, and moved  to the States permanently.

...and how all this started?

One afternoon, in the summer of 2004, Daniel came home with an alpaca magazine, it showcased beautiful animals! He asked me if I would be interested in working at an alpaca farm, his friend was the owner there, so I said yes without hesitation. The following day I met with the owners, and I got a job assisting with general business management duties. At the time, I did not a vast portfolio to show and wasn’t hired to assist in the advertising department as I was hoping for, however it was a start.

After about a month, I happened to walk behind the owner while she was having a hard time at the computer, she was frustrated trying to come up with a banner for an upcoming show, and arranging letters with pictures was becoming a big headache.  I told her that I could help to get it done the way she wanted it, she asked me if I knew how to use photoshop and I said yes. She offered her chair to me, gave me instructions of what she was looking for, and let me get started.  About an hour later she came back to review, and from that day on, I went to work with my computer and camera in my backpack.

This was my very first banner, the one that opened the door to what I love doing...

I worked there for about 4 years, taking pictures of the alpacas, and uploading them to the internet, designing ads for magazines and show publications, sending email campaigns, sending information to customers looking to see some fleece samples, extra pictures, stats, etc... it was a job that I really enjoyed. 


In 2008 our first baby was born.  I stopped working at the farm, and began working on their marketing and advertising from home. I set up several websites and online stores, not just for this particular farm, but for other alpaca breeders, and business owners as well. In 2011 our second baby arrived, and my design and photography became second to my family, our house and gardens.

Coming from a city where gardening was pretty much off limits, among skyscrapers and little space to grow anything, it wasn’t until I had 4 acres of land did I realize gardening was my second favorite thing to do. Now I have become best and inseparable friends with my shovel.  Since 2009, starting with a yard with nothing much more than towering blue spruces and weeds, I have not stopped digging, planting and enjoying every minute. As years go by, I see magic unfolding before my eyes, and every year gets even better. Bees, birds, and butterflies are calling this place their home too, and it has become my outdoor studio, a place where I can sit, relax, photograph and design.

What else do I like...?


Wood working.  An inspiration I took from my brother.

In 2012 my father-in-law started a family business buying and renovating foreclosed houses to rent. I began to manage the properties and of course handle all of the advertising, something I continue to enjoy.

In the spring of 2016, while doing some work at the computer, a beautiful woodpecker landed on the porch, he stayed there long enough for me to grab the camera end take a shot. After seeing the picture and I said... “hmmmm, I wish you could had landed in something nicer than the rails of the porch!", so I went to work, took a piece of an old birch tree, made a little hole and put some sun flower seeds on it. Then placed it on top of the rail and waited, (we gardeners have the gift of patience you know) to my surprise he came back and voila!!

Little by little, I started taking photos of the birds that visited, adding flowers from my garden and looking for interesting things in garage sales that would make a great picture. This was the beginning of my bird photograph collection.

In 2018 I became shutterstock and 123RF photo contributor.